Attach. Anything. Anywhere.

GOT Innovations features products with the patented attachment technology by LumeoTech.

A wearable light, a panic button and a phone holder for your train ride.


The tiniest innovations are sometimes the best.

Attach your phone conveniently on the backside of a seat to watch movies/videos on the train or car.

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GelaLight is the most versatile wearable light you can find.

Attach it to any fabric and use it both to be seen and to see.

The perfect wearable light for running, hiking, biking and living.

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Smart Emergency Button

Do you feel unsafe walking home from a night out?

We want to change that.

The panic button for you who want to feel safe when the winter comes.

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  • Comfort

    Lean back in your seat and give your neck some relief when riding the train.

  • Convenient

    Cinema experience. or Look up from your phone on your phone

  • Creative

    Impress your seat neighbour